Postgraduate Summer School on Green Chemistry

Inspired by IUPAC Centenary and the International Year of the Periodic Table Celebrations

IUPAC Interdivisional Committee on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development


12th – 19th May 2019,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Online registration open until 30th April 2019:
Abstracts submission deadline 14th April 2019:



Green Chemistry is one of the key sciences of a sustainable development on earth and required for reaching the 17 UN-Goals. Green chemistry, also known as sustainable chemistry, is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances. Green chemistry applies the cycle of a chemical product,including its design, manufacture and use.

During the 49th IUPAC General Assembly in 2017, Sao Paulo, Brazil, it was officially announced that the 2019 IUPAC Summer School on Green Chemistry will be held in Tanzania. This is the first time this event is being held in Africa managed by the IUPAC Inter-divisional Committee on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development (ICGCSD). The Summer School will be hosted by the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), University of Dodoma (UDOM), the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority (GCLA) in collaboration with the Tanzania Chemical Society (TCS)

The 2019 Summer school is special in that it will be held during the 100th Anniversary of IUPAC. Further to that, 2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table as declared by United Nation, coinciding with the150th Anniversary of Dmitry Mendeleeves’s discovery of the periodic system.

The event will provide the participants with an understanding of the latest developments of the concepts and management of green/sustainable chemistry.




The summer school will held at the University of Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam is the commercial center of Tanzania and one of the biggest cities in East Africa, nestled along a natural harbour on the Indian ocean.

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) is situated 13 km on the western side of the city on an observation hill 10 km from the  Julius Nyerere International Airport. UDSM, a renown and highly ranked University in Africa, stands as the most prestigious university in Tanzania offering a wide range of academic disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.



Basic materials on green chemistry will be covered including state of art topics  not limited to:

  • Exploitation of Natural Resources
  • Green Methodologies Chemistry
  • Green Analysis
  • Green Synthesis of materials
  • Green Technologies
  • Recycling



The official language of the summer school will be English



Internationally renowned speakers from the IUPAC who are green chemistry experts will give lectures in the summer school.



All students attending the summer school will be required to present posters. The abstracts for the posters should be submitted through the online registration system. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 14th April 2019. There will be awards for the best posters at the end of the summer school.



There are 30 grants that are for postgraduate students who would like to participate. In order to get the grant you need to submit the following:
1. An abstract for a poster presentation not exceeding 1000 words.
2. A letter of motivation explaining your plans, ambitions etc.
3. A CV
4. A letter of support from a supervisor.
Application Deadline is February 28th
Submit your application by email with a heading (Application for Summer School Grant) to the Program Officer (cmgina@yaoo.com)and copy to the Secretary(kefidel@gmail.com).
A panel of judges will review all the applications and select the 30 winners. Selected grantees will be announced and notified by March 31st.




Online registration and other instructions are available at http:www.tcs-tz.org/iupac2019/  Click here.

The registration fees is US$ 200 and will cover:

  • Lecture materials
  • Lunch and refreshments during sessions,
  • Transport between conference hall and hotels




Dar es Salaam city has a variety of hotels with a wide of prices ranges from 50 to 150 US$. Details of hotels, rates and reservation information will be available via this website.




Dar es Salaam can be accessed through the  Julius Kambarage Nyerere International (Airport code JNIA). Please arrange with the hotel or your travel agent for airport transfers.


Visas have to be applied at the nearest Tanzanian Embassy or High Commission. Some Commonwealth and Scandinavian countries are exempted from visa applications. Otherwise a visa can be obtained at entry points. For more detailed information about visa requirements please visit the Tanzania Immigration website: http://www.immigration.go.tz




Dar es Salaam is the center of business in Tanzania. However, there are a lot of attractions in the city and neighborhoods.  These include ancient buildings, historical cites, tropical beaches and islands. It is also less than two hours to the famous old cities of Bagamoyo and Zanzibar. Visits to some of these attractions will be organized.




International Advisory Committee

Prof. Pietro Tundo ICGCSD
Prof. Christopher Brett ICGCSD
Prof. Sean Corish</td > ICGCSD
Prof. Buxing Han</td > ICGCSD
Prof. Christine Luscombe</td > ICGCSD
Dr. Jannet Scott ICGCSD
Dr. Isai Urassa VA – USA


Regional Advisory Committee

Prof. Mama El Rhazi FASC President

Prof. N. Covile

South Africa

Prof. J. Darkwa

South Africa

Prof. Y. Chebude


Prof. M. Zaranyika


Prof. Nannake-Abasi Offiong


Dr. T. Engida


Dr. Leonard Gitu Kenya
Prof. L. Mammino South Africa

National Advisory Committee

Dr. L.D. Akwilapo

Prof. J.E.G. Mdoe

Dr. F. Mafumiko

Prof. M.H.H. Nkunya

Maj. Gen. J. Kingu

Prof. J. Buchweshaija

Dr. L. Manege


Local Organizing Committee


Prof. Charles Kihampa

Vice Chairman Prof. Esther Lugwisha


Dr. Kessy F. Kilulya

Program Officer

Dr. Clarence A. Mgina


Dr. Joan J.E. Munissi


Ms. Rehema Nyamoga



For further information please contact:

Dr. Kessy F. Kilulya

+255 222 410 038

+255 763 369 858



Chemistry Department

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

University of Dar es Salaam

P.O. Box 35061

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dr. Clarence A. Mgina

+255 222 410 038

+255 767 547 970



Chemistry Department

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

University of Dar es Salaam

P.O. Box 35061

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania