(i) Ordinary Membership shall be open to the citizens of the UnitedRepublic of Tanzania in any University, Research Institute or tertiaryeducation institution or a reputed industry.
(ii) To qualify for Membership the candidate shall  either havea recognized University Degree or its equivalent or, and in the opinionof the Council (hereinafter provided for), have contributed notable original work in chemistry or are active in allied fields.
(iii) Ordinary Members shall be provided with a membership certificate,a copy of the constitution and any other publication, at the discretionof the Council.
(iv) Ordinary Membership shall also be open to non-Tanzanian citizens at the discretion of the appropriate Council Committee responsible for Membership  admissions, provided that, such non-Tanzanian citizens are active chemists or allied  professionals.
Student/Associate Membership
(i) Student Membership shall be open to bona fide Tanzanian studentswho are currently studying chemistry in a University or other recognizedinstitution.
(ii) Student members may avail themselves of such facilities of theChemical Society as shall be determined by the Council from time to time.They shall have no right to vote and shall not hold any national office,except that a student member may be co-opted to any committee of the ChemicalSociety.
Institutional Membership
(i) Institutes, Societies or Organizations in Tanzania which subscribeto some or all of the aims of the Chemical Society as provided in articleIV above, may be admitted by the Council to institutional membership inaccordance with the provisions of this sub-clause.
(ii) On application for Institutional Membership such bodies shallsubmit either a copy of their constitution, or an up-to-date report ontheir activities. They should also provide their permanent address to thesecretary.
(iii) On admission, such documents as referred to in sub-clause (ii)above shall be filed by the secretary and kept up-to-date. A register ofInstitutional Members shall also be maintained by the secretary.
(iv) Members of Institutional bodies, unless holding individual Membershipof the Chemical Society, shall not necessarily become  members orexercise any right or discharge any obligation pertaining to members ofthe Chemical Society other than at the absolute discretion of the Council.
(v) Each Institutional member shall be represented by its chief executiveor a designated nominee at business meetings or social functions of theChemical Society but such a representative shall not ipso facto hold electiveoffice in the Chemical Society, unless such representative also holds individualmembership in the society.

Honorary Membership

Members of the Council (hereinafter provided for) shall be Honorary Members.


This status shall be conferred, by unanimous decision of the Council,on individual members who, in the opinion of the Council, have excelledin this field.

Life Membership

Life  member ship shall be conferred by the Council through unanimous decision on distinguished individuals who have rendered commendable contribution towards the aims and goals of the Chemical Society. Such decision shall be communicated to members at the subsequent Annual General meeting. Such designees shall pay a ten-year membership fee in lumpsum at the time of admission.

Membership Fees

There shall be an entry fee and an annual membership subscription. Theentry fee is payable on application for membership and is refundable infull in case of unsuccessful application. The first annual membership feeis payable on admission to membership and thereafter on the first day ofJuly in each year. The fee rates for each category of membership will beas determined by the Council from time to time and ratified by simple majoritythereof at the Annual General Meeting, and upon such ratification the decisionshall become a bye-law under the constitution.
In accordance with Article VII of the Constitution, the Governing Councilhas approved the following registration and annual membership subscription(s)for the time being:-

Registration fees

(a) Ordinary Membership T.Shs.  15,000.00
(b) Student /Associate Membership T.Shs. 6,000.00
(c) Institutional Membership T.Shs. 150,000.00
(d) Life Membership T.Shs. 150,000.00
Annual subscription
(a) Ordinary Membership T.Shs. 10,000.00
(b) Student/Associate MembershipT.Shs. 4,000.00
(c) Institutional Membership T.Shs. 70,000.00
(d) Life Membership  -nil-
These fees shall be reviewed from time to time by Council.